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For the past two decades, Marta Gladun's detox retreat in Poland  (Shambhala Detox) has been renowned for its unique protocol. It draws from various disciplines such as Ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga, anthroposophy, traditional Chinese medicine, and naturopathy to help people cleanse their bodies and minds and optimize their wellbeing. People who have participated in the retreat have nothing but positive comments about their experience with the detox. 

Now Marta's fascinating healing journey continues in Dubai, where she has continued to spread her message and help many people sustain their wellbeing through her unique detox therapy. Her treatment mainly focuses on an overtaxed liver and its ripple effect, teaching us that detoxing is essential for living healthfully in our polluted world. Marta believes that regular detoxing can give our liver a much-needed break, helping us to manage the everyday stress of our environment. By using her methods, we can learn how to live a healthy, balanced life despite the pollution. Through her fascinating journey, Marta has shown us that detoxing is critical to maintaining physical and mental health


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MARTA GLADUN, Co-founder, Instructor and Detox Therapist

Instructor and detox therapist with over 20 years of experience in the USA and Europe. Specialized in natural ways of cleansing the body, she uses the knowledge gained from world-famous therapists: Nemi Nath from the International Breathwork Foundation Australia; Colin P. Sisson of Inner Adventure Programs Inc. New Zealand; Zbigniew Królicki from Mind Control System Laredo, Texas; Donald Van Howten of Life Impressions Institute Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is constantly traveling and learning from ethnic healers on ways to maintain perfect body and spirit health (India, Siberia, Mongolia, China, Indonesia, and New Zealand). She supervised and conducted over 3000 detoxes around the world. Additionally, Marta owns and runs an organic farm in Poland with pesticide-free organic products.

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After a time in her corporate career (Apple, Patagonia, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein), Marta decided to switch gears and follow her passion for self-development and well-being. In 2020, she cofounded, an online education platform designed to give people the tools and knowledge they need to unlock their true potential. Her subsequent spiritual and self-development quest led her to immersion in yoga, Ayurveda, and natural healing therapies. She experienced the power of detox and holistic healing herself and decided to continue this journey with Marta and Dr. Niveen to serve the people seeking support.

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DR. NIVEEN AL-SALEH, Brand Ambassador


Pain is a call to action signaling a misalignment in the body. However, physical pain isn’t solely a result of physical injury. It may be a result of emotional stress stemming from a number of imbalances within one’s life. I go beyond the physical symptoms in order to address the root cause of the pain.

With such a bold statement, Dr. Niveen has carved out a niche for herself in the Chiropractic field treating many ailments ranging from headaches, migraines, and PMS, to pre and post-natal disc hernia, sciatica, and osteoporosis. Renowned for her holistic approach, she combines both Western and Eastern remedies in her treatments. In addition to the traditional chiropractic practice, Dr. Niveen provides ThetaHealing, which helps shift our brain wave cycles to the more relaxed theta waves and re-channel emotions that are trapped in the body. Having trained as a Health & Life Coach specializing in Body Detoxification, her treatment programs often include medical-based detoxes to relieve symptoms and help reboot the system. Trained as a journalist and TV presenter, Dr. Niveen has been featured on TV shows discussing many modern-day sicknesses and solutions. Today she continues her holistic work in her daily practice in Dubai.


I was really nervous about detoxing. I didn't know what to expect. I just knew that I needed to do it, so I signed up for the 7 day detox retreat and it has been the best thing that I could have ever done for myself.


Marta Gladun, who runs detoxes in Poland, is now launching her famous detox retreats in Dubai. Learn more about Marta's work here.

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